In Between Worlds: An Integrative Art Project

I wanted to integrate my two passions: biological anthropology and Noh theater. Both, in their own ways, study what it means to be human. One from a more physiological standpoint and the other an emotional one. This year long project was developed in two phases.  

Phase 1

Design Research

I designed and carved a set of masks based on our closest living relatives: the Great Apes.

  • Researched Noh masks, mask culture in Art History, as well as primate depiction in Asian Art
  • Studied Noh plays and story structure
  • Discussed with Biological Anthropologist experts about primates as well as visited and explored the Natural History Museum's primate collection to examine facial structures
  • Practiced/learned traditional Noh mask carving techniques

Phase 2

Experience Design

I used location and display setup to help convey the project's message: that the lines between the human and animal world are not concrete. 

  • Choose display space (outside of gallery)
  • Collaborated with library staff to coordinate space
  • Designed and built display that would convey project message to viewers