Fo: Design Process

Defined the stakeholders based on fieldwork done at a coffee shop




Observed coffee shop near nursery school

Created Sequence Flow and Mental Models for interactions between staff and (in this case) mothers with children

Interviewed staff and parents with young children

Created a user persona based on parents that we interviewed




Developed persona of a parent with young child

Determined philosophy statement for FO

Established pain points that parents have when going out (just day trips) with children (packing necessary items, exit strategies, etc.)

Created a storyboard of user's experience




Design sprints: Idea writing, sharing, then more idea writing

Categorized ideas and determined feasibility

Designed a storyboard of user interaction

Researched existing market/products

Business Model

Our team did market research on feasiblity of implementation.

FO Promo Video

User Feedback

My son is at the age where sometimes he wants in the stroller and sometimes he doesn't...  makes planning [day trips] difficult. A service like this would be amazing! -Male, Indonesian, 29

Designing FO as a team

WeiWei Shen - Design second, researcher

Kevin Stevanus - Lead technical, researcher

Lian Liu - Video editing, business & market researcher

Yohei Fuse - Local insider, business & market researcher

Elaine Czech - Project lead and design lead